On this page is where you will find more info about all available game card types in the game, and the rarities applying to them.

Card types & rarities

Below you can find a table with the rarity categories of the cards that are available in the Club Manager game.

Stars Rarity description
* Very common
** Common
*** Uncommon
**** Rare
***** Epic
****** Legendary

Each card type will have its own benefits. Some card types are just available in one or two rarity categories, while other card types are available in all rarity categories. More about all card types can be found below.

Player cards

Card type: Permanent

3-star player card example

Player cards are permanent and can be used in your line-up, with no contractual costs involved. The rarity star rating of a card defines the overall rating of your player. For more clarity, please check the table below.

Stars Color Overall rating
* White 0 - 55
** Bronze 56 - 65
*** Silver 66 - 75
**** Gold 76 - 80
***** Black 81 - 85
****** Diamond blue > 85


The overall rating above applies to players on level 1. Players can be trained up to level 50 and so their overall rating can exceed the ranges in the table above, although the color on level 1 will remain the same. Example: a 1-star (white) player card with an overall rating of 54 can reach say an overall rating of 58, but the color label will still remain white.

Manager cards

Card type: Permanent

3-star manager card example

Manager cards are permanent, and can be used to assign a manager to your team. They define the kind of formation your team will play in (for example: 4-3-3 A), and the star rating of your manager card will define the Capabilities of the manager.

Stars Capabilities
* 0 - 700
** 701 - 750
*** 751 - 840
**** 841 - 900
***** 901 - 980
****** > 980

So if you, for instance, receive a manager card with 3 stars, it will have Capabilities somewhere between 751 and 840, like Luis Perez (820) stated as an example above this table.

The Capabilities of your manager indicates the maximum team strength your manager can handle, and is based on the overall rating of the players in your starting eleven. So manager Luis Perez, with Capabilities of 820, will be able to handle the combined overall ratings of your starting eleven, so long as this sum doesn't exceed 820. If it exceeds 820, the Team Chemistry will decrease.

Training cards

Card type: Consumable

2-star training card example

Training cards are consumable cards that can only be used once to train a player, and they will as such disappear from your inventory as soon as you use them. The star rating of the Training card you're using will define how effective your training will be.

Stars Effectivity
* 1
** 2
*** 3
**** 5
***** 10
****** 20

So on average, a 6-star Training card will be 20 times more effective than a 1-star Training card.

Emblem cards

Card type: Permanent

6-star legendary emblem card

Emblem cards are exclusive and permanent, but you can only use one at a time. Once you receive an Emblem card, you can use it as the preferred emblem for your club. This way you won’t only be limited to the default emblems available.

a few example emblems

Above you can see a few "premium" emblems that can be obtained through Emblem cards. From left to right: * - ******. The border color on the emblem defines its rarity.

Training Camp cards

Card type: Consumable

4-star training camp card

Training Camp cards can be used to go on a training camp with your club, as a way of preparing yourself in the best possible way for the next match. There is only 1 rarity category for this card: a 4-star.

Stamina Recovery cards

Card type: Consumable

On of the two available stamina recovery cards.

Stamina Recovery cards are consumable cards that can be used to recover the stamina of your player(s). The card will however disappear from your inventory as soon as you use it. There are 2 types of stamina cards available, with the rarities listed below.

Stars Effect
* Recover the stamina of a single player
**** Recover the stamina of your full team

Injury Treatment cards

Card type: Consumable

On of the two available injury treatment cards.

This consumable card type was created to help you recover injured players, quicker. There are 2 types of Injury Treatment cards as listed below.

Stars Effect
** Reduce the injury of a player by one match
**** Completely recover one player from injury

Upgrade cards

Card type: Consumable

An example upgrade card: 2-star field upgrade.

Upgrade cards are similar to Training cards. They are consumable cards that you can use to upgrade different aspects of your club. The 5 different types of upgrade cards are:

  • Pitch Upgrade card:
    A card to level up your club's pitch. While playing home matches on a leveled up pitch, your home advantage will increase while injuries for both teams will be minimized.
  • Gym Upgrade card:
    A card to level up your club's gym. With an upgraded gym, your training sessions will be more effective to your players.
  • Match Manager Upgrade card:
    A card to level up your match manager. The higher the level of your match manager, the less time you need to wait between Division matches.
  • Stadium Upgrade card:
    A card to level up your club's stadium. The higher the level of your stadium, the more fans will attend your matches, translating to more Manager Cash earned for home games!
  • Training Facilities Upgrade card:
    A card to upgrade the training facilities at your club. With upgraded training facilities, your players will take less time to successfully complete training. More training slots can also be unlocked so that you can train several players simultaneously.

Upgrade cards are also available in 6 different rarities, ranging from 1 to 6 stars. Below you can find the effect of each upgrade card, based on its rarity.

Stars Effectivity
* 1
** 2
*** 3
**** 5
***** 10
****** 20

Perfect Attorney cards

Card type: Consumable

The one and only perfect lawyer card

The one and only 4-star Perfect Attorney card can be used to immediately dissolve the suspension of a player.

Exhibition Match cards

Card type: Consumable

An exhibition match card

There is only one Exhibition Match card available; the 2-star rated card stated above. This is a consumable card that can be used at any time to play an exhibition match so as to test your team tactics. You will of course receive Manager Cash and free game cards after every exhibition match.

Playing exhibition matches is also a great way of improving on your Team Chemistry.