Game strategy

Yes, it’s possible to obtain free card packs. When you start the game, we’ll provide you with several “Kick Off card packs” which will be made available during the tutorial. It is also possible to obtain a free video card pack by simply watching a video, but only if an offer is made available by our partners.

Likewise, you can earn free Manager Cash and premium Manager Coin currency in the game; which you can use to purchase card packs without necessarily buying them with real money.

The kind of formation you play with your team will depend on the manager you are currently using. If your current manager (card) has a "4-3-3 A" formation, it won’t be possible to play say a "4-4-2 B" formation. In order to switch to another formation, you'll therefore need to acquire a manager (card) that has that particular formation.

Having a strong team with great players is without question one of the most important elements of winning matches. However, besides the strength of your team, there are many underlying aspects that can influence the outcome of a match.

For example, your tactics and choice of formation versus the formation and tactics of your opponent is a huge determinant. The stamina levels of your players, chemistry of your players with the current manager, home advantage, activated training camps and the occasional luck are also aspects that can and will influence the final result of a match.

There are some players who will be a "perfect match" with the manager (card) you're currently using. You can check this by opening the player pop-up info. If a player is a perfect match with your current manager (card), a golden link icon will appear on the top-left corner of the player's avatar.

As expected, players that are a perfect match with your current manager (card) will perform far better when in your starting eleven, compared to other players of a similar strength.

Nonetheless, not every manager (card) is a perfect match with the same player. So if you replace your manager (card) with another, it's possible that the perfect match will disappear or perhaps appear as a perfect match with other players from your current squad.

You can train your players using Training cards, and a player can be trained up to level 50. At this level, your players' overall ratings will be increased by a total of 10 points, with the attack and defense ratings also proportionally increased.

There are several reasons why you could be losing cards in the game. One instance is when you have sold some of your cards in exchange for Manager Cash.

The most common explanation however is that you have already "used" the card. In Club Manager, we have permanent cards (that exist as long as you don't sell them), and consumable cards (which can only be used once).

Examples of consumable cards include:

- Exhibition Match cards

- Upgrade cards

- Injury Treatment cards

- Perfect Attorney cards

- Stamina Recovery cards

- Training cards

- Training Camp cards

The Team Chemistry of your starting eleven in combination with your manager ranges from 1 to 99. If your Team Chemistry is 99, then it means that the manager is currently working in the best possible way with the players.

Nevertheless, your Team Chemistry may decrease due to various reasons such as:

1. Introduction of a new manager: If you introduce a new manager to your squad, your current Team Chemistry will change (most probably decrease). As such, you would do best to play matches in order uplift the team spirit, which will in turn elevate the level of Team Chemistry once again.

2. The manager doesn't have enough Capabilities: If your manager doesn't have enough Capabilities to take care of your current starting eleven, then the Team Chemistry will inevitably decrease. So if your starting eleven has more quality than the Capabilities of your manager, it might be advisable to get a better manager.

3. Introduction of a new player: It's quite possible for your Team Chemistry to drop when you introduce a new player(s) into your starting eleven. This is because the new player(s) may not have played a lot of matches under your current manager. To counter this, you should therefore play matches in order to raise the Team Chemistry level once again.

Your team's chemistry will massively influence your final match result. We therefore recommend you to improve your Team Chemistry by using Training Camp cards and playing a number of exhibition matches.

Your team's stamina likewise has a bearing on your final match result. We therefore recommend you to always recover your team's stamina on time, so as to increase your chances of registering good outcomes in matches.

Bugs / technical issues

If you've found a bug or wish to provide a feedback, just visit our "Contact" page by using the menu on top of this page.

If you are playing the game in your web browser and it's either freezing, crashing or the loading is somehow stuck, it might be a good idea to reload your browser (using CTRL+F5). If this doesn't solve it, please feel free to report to us the exact problem you're experiencing. For more information, visit our "Contact" page by using the menu on top of this page.

If you're playing via iOs or Android, we highly recommend that you close the app and restart it afterwards. If the issue still persists, kindly visit the same page as stated above.


Whenever you experience payment problems, please make sure you provide enough information to help resolve the issue. In this case, you should contact us through the "Contact" page, using the menu on top of this page.

Playing Club Manager is absolutely free! We however offer the option of purchasing in-game currency in the form of Manager Coins which can be acquired by spending real money. In some cases, manager coins can also be obtained for free—albeit in small amounts.

The gameplay experience is however similar for all kinds of players. Every area of the game is accessible to all players, regardless of whether they have invested real money in it or not.


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